Leaving Comfort: Step #2 – Quiet the excuses

Hi OGs,

The second step to leaving comfort is quieting the excuses. You know those ones that arises every time you think about your dream? Yes those!!! They are your brain’s way of protecting you because it is wired to keeping you safe and venturing out of your comfort zone does not signal safety.

So think through the points, are they valid risks? If they are, plan to mitigate them. I remember wondering what would happen if I left my job for school and was unable to secure a job after my MBA, and had to return home? So, I moved my MBA project a year and started a business instead first, so if all hell broke loose, at least I had my business to revert to. I also took a study leave from my office rather than resigning fully. We discussed planning yesterday; pinpointing the risks and planning sufficiently to secure yourself will help quiet the noise.

Some of your excuses will be born out of fear, and those you must work through and remember that fear is a liar.

Join me tomorrow as we continue to explore “leaving comfort”.

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