Leaving Comfort: Step #3 – Identify your Trusted Advisors

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Hi OGs,

The third step to leaving comfort is identifying and talking to your trusted advisors. I follow lots of influencers that share strategies on life improvement, and I find most to be very helpful. One strategy that I find being passed around that I however do not recommend is the strategy of working in silence and shocking people with your big idea once it had reached fruition.

While I get not broadcasting your plans to safeguard your dreams from nay-sayers, and there is some truth to the fact that the wrong people will kill your dreams because they will push their insecurities and shortcomings on you. Saying things like that’s not possible, you will fail, you can’t do this, this is not for you, you don’t have what it takes yadi yadi yada…. But what they mean is I cannot do this, I do not have what it takes, and this is not for me. If you internalize these words from your nay-sayers and give it power!!! it will short-circuit your dreams.

However, the other extreme is just as lethal! A common mistake I have seen people make is keeping their ideas too close to their chest in a bid to protect them, but they eventually snuff the life out of the dream. You would have saved yourself the embarrassment of failure, but it also closets you from people that could have helped you nurture your dream and give it life.

Identifying the right mentors, champions, advisors, and sponsors is one of the most critical factors for success. I have not heard of any successful person that did not mention the importance of having a sounding-board in their journey to success. Leaving comfort requires velocity, and you are most times unable to generate enough on your own to create the momentum that you need to move the needle. This is what your trusted advisors and confidants are there for.

The idea to take a study leave rather than resigning was not mine, it was a mitigation plan suggested by my manager. It was one of the solutions to the many questions, concerns, and fears raised by my confidants. Interestingly, many of their questions were excuses that I already worked through before sharing with them. Once my plan was critiqued, and loopholes identified, they acted as sounding boards for solutions that I had yet uncovered, and then they offered their help. Several people gave advice that opened a whole new perspective for me as I began my journey; People like to talk about themselves, but if you do not ask the right questions, you will not get helpful answers. So, the solution to nay-sayers is not necessarily working in silence but doing the work to identify your true champions and trusted advisors. If they did not criticize, identify loopholes, act as sounding-boards, and offer to help, they probably are not the advisor for you.

An added advantage to finding the right advisors is that you must talk about your ideas. Have you ever had an idea in your head (you feel like Archimedes – Eureka, Eureka), and then you vocalize this fantastic idea, and even before the other person speaks, you see all the holes in it, and it falls apart? I am a thinker with an idea per second mind, and trust me, most of them aren’t great. Imagine if I chased them all down… lol crazy right!!! I use some of my advisors as idea filters to separate the diamond from the rocks. Talking about your ideas also gives it life, now you cannot take it back because you have put it out into the universe. Your advisors will motivate you, ask for progress reports, and that will light a fire in your spirit to keep at it.

So, talk about it, but be careful to whom.

Join me next time as we continue to explore “leaving comfort”.

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