Leaving Comfort: Step #4 – Secure your base

Photo by Rodolfo Quiru00f3s on Pexels.com

Hi OGs,

The fourth step to leaving comfort is securing your base. I loved playing Super Mario when I was younger (who am I kidding, I still love playing Super Mario). The most devastating part of the game is when I would win some levels, forget to save, play the next level, lose all my lives, and then having to start over.

Securing your base means ensuring that you are not sacrificing the level you have achieved for the future you hope to secure. I know the concept of leaving comfort and securing your base seem conflicting, but I must be clear here, I am not a crazy risk-taker, I make very calculated moves, and one of my calculations revolves around ensuring that if my plan does not work, I can roll it back. For people in the software industry, you may understand the idea of reverting to the most stable version of the software when an update fails. Imagine if your patch is unstable or fails and you cannot revert, you lose the whole system.

The best way to ensure that you secure your base is to have a holistic roadmap for your evolution by putting your growth in stages and phases. Every stage represents a base, so if stage one is to get an education, and stage two is to start a business, do not use your tuition to start a business because if that business does not work and Bill Gates’ daddy is not your daddy, then you have failed in securing base one, now you do not have the education to fall back on, or a business to move forward with.

So, the question becomes, how do you take the risk of leaving comfort without risking comfort?

  • Identify your current base.
  • Determine how far you want to go.
  • Do the work to secure that current base.

When building a house, you do not just lay bricks on the ground straight to the roof. No!

  1. You dig into the ground: digging takes time, and sacrifice and you lose speed, distance, and resources, plus how far you dig is dependent on how high the building is going to be.
  2. Then you pour in the concrete mix and lay bricks in the ground, fill the holes with sand, and floor with concrete mix.

That is a lot of work to get back to ground level, but failure to build that solid foundation puts everything else at risk. This process happens on every floor of the house. You cannot just keep mounting bricks and expect them not to fall apart when the wind blows.

I hate hearing riches to rags stories, they are heartbreaking, but they occur, and everyone will suffer a setback at some point. The hope is that a setback does not take us back to level 1 just as Super Mario did me dirty in many instances.

Join me next time as we continue to explore “leaving comfort”.

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