Leaving Comfort: Step #5 – Do Not Look Back

Photo by Bob Price on Pexels.com

Hi OGs,

The fifth and final step to leaving comfort is always looking forward, do not look back. Do not look back!!! Yeti! Why did I spend all this time securing my base if the next step is to forget about it. Yes, I hear your outrage, and I am enraged too, all of those resources and time spent only to be told to forget it? The outcry!!! (A bit is dramatic for your taste? I apologize).

I know I just told you not to burn bridges in step 4, but that is to manage your fear of failing by reducing the value of the stakes at play. Knowing that if all fails, you will not be going back to square one helps to give you some peace of mind, but you must not fall into the trap of looking back. It is very enticing to go back to comfort when things get hard because, trust me, transition is a bitch. So, make it a point of duty not to look back. There is only one way here, and it is forward, towards that dream, career growth, new job, that exciting relationship, that new level in your family life, so fight for it, and remember everything you need to survive has already been provided for within you, so dig deep, and find it.

This is the time to focus on executing that plan that you spent so much time in the beginning developing. You knew that there will be obstacles, that it will be tough, and that there will be risks, but you designed a mitigation plan for this purpose, so action that plan now. This is as much a game of the mind as it is physical, but always remember not to allow the process to punk you out of the promise.

This concludes the leaving comfort series, and It has been fantastic writing it. I hope you found it as rewarding reading as I did writing it, and If you are joining me at this point please go back and read the whole series, I promise it is useful.

My next series is titled Surviving Transition, so join me next time as we explore that topic together by subscribing below.

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