Leaving Comfort: Step #5 – Do Not Look Back

Hi OGs, The fifth and final step to leaving comfort is always looking forward, do not look back. Do not look back!!! Yeti! Why did I spend all this time securing my base if the next step is to forget about it. Yes, I hear your outrage, and I am enraged too, all of thoseContinue reading “Leaving Comfort: Step #5 – Do Not Look Back”

Leaving Comfort: Step #4 – Secure your base

Hi OGs, The fourth step to leaving comfort is securing your base. I loved playing Super Mario when I was younger (who am I kidding, I still love playing Super Mario). The most devastating part of the game is when I would win some levels, forget to save, play the next level, lose all myContinue reading “Leaving Comfort: Step #4 – Secure your base”

Leaving Comfort: Step #3 – Identify your Trusted Advisors

Hi OGs, The third step to leaving comfort is identifying and talking to your trusted advisors. I follow lots of influencers that share strategies on life improvement, and I find most to be very helpful. One strategy that I find being passed around that I however do not recommend is the strategy of working inContinue reading “Leaving Comfort: Step #3 – Identify your Trusted Advisors”

Leaving Comfort: Step #2 – Quiet the excuses

Hi OGs, The second step to leaving comfort is quieting the excuses. You know those ones that arises every time you think about your dream? Yes those!!! They are your brain’s way of protecting you because it is wired to keeping you safe and venturing out of your comfort zone does not signal safety. SoContinue reading “Leaving Comfort: Step #2 – Quiet the excuses”

Leaving Comfort: Step #1- Plan

Hello OGs, When I was laying out this week’s topic and formulating the steps to leaving comfort, I skipped this step. Because one might expect that it goes without saying? Right? NO! But then I remembered there is a causal relationship between project failure and planning failure. Do not skip this step! If planning isContinue reading “Leaving Comfort: Step #1- Plan”

Forecasting your Future

Hello OGs, I was going through the history of my Samsung health step count the other day, and I realized that I had the highest steps counts before big life-changing decisions, and I found that interesting. Looking back, I found that I went on more walks when I was consumed by something or trying toContinue reading “Forecasting your Future”


Hello OGs, In the past couple of posts, we have been analyzing and strategizing about financial freedom, in this post we are going tactical. If one is serious about financial freedom, the element of budgeting cannot be overlooked. Budgeting needs self-discipline, it differentiates people that talk about financial freedom from people that get on thatContinue reading “Budgeting”

Shrinking your Expense Bubble

Happy new year OGs, Welcome to 2021! It is going to be a great year. Last year I began writing about the journey to financial freedom and all the tiny little things that need to keep top of mind should we want it. I highlighted the value of compound interest, and I suggested that weContinue reading “Shrinking your Expense Bubble”