Forecasting your Future

Hello OGs, I was going through the history of my Samsung health step count the other day, and I realized that I had the highest steps counts before big life-changing decisions, and I found that interesting. Looking back, I found that I went on more walks when I was consumed by something or trying toContinue reading “Forecasting your Future”


Hello OGs, In the past couple of posts, we have been analyzing and strategizing about financial freedom, in this post we are going tactical. If one is serious about financial freedom, the element of budgeting cannot be overlooked. Budgeting needs self-discipline, it differentiates people that talk about financial freedom from people that get on thatContinue reading “Budgeting”

Shrinking your Expense Bubble

Happy new year OGs, Welcome to 2021! It is going to be a great year. Last year I began writing about the journey to financial freedom and all the tiny little things that need to keep top of mind should we want it. I highlighted the value of compound interest, and I suggested that weContinue reading “Shrinking your Expense Bubble”

Guiding Principles of Spending

My husband and I are very aligned when it comes to our views and strategies about spending. He, however, is a little more proverbial in his principles on money than I am. Today I will share with you 3 of his guiding principles. Save like you are going to live forever, and spend like youContinue reading “Guiding Principles of Spending”

Gross Salary Vs. Net Income

Profitability Mindset I remember my first job right out of school, it was for a tech company, and I felt very grateful to be considered for the role. I had done two interviews, and the third one was the salary negotiation portion. Before going for the interview, I figured what the least livable salary wasContinue reading “Gross Salary Vs. Net Income”

Jar or Basket

My father was a storyteller! He would wrap major life-lessons in stories, allowing him to discuss complex issues delicately. I have found this approach to be incredibly helpful in my life, so I will tell you a quick story. Tola and Sade lived in a small village close to the Ogun River. The Ogun RiverContinue reading “Jar or Basket”

Analyzing YOU – Diagnosing your financial deficit

In my last post, we looked at our finances through the eye of a company and scrutinized how we landed on our financial statements. You may be wondering what the exercise means and what insight you can get from it to help you get a better financial girth. In this post, I will give youContinue reading “Analyzing YOU – Diagnosing your financial deficit”

Compound Interest – The Secret to Financial Freedom

When my first salary hit my account, I had two distinct emotions. The first emotion was excitement. Excitement because, after a year and half of accruing no income while I was in school, I was finally earning some coin. All hail the MULA. My second emotion was a little more complex; worry. Worry because IContinue reading “Compound Interest – The Secret to Financial Freedom”